Conditions of Use

IMPORTANT: It must be explained to the patient, that this equipment will be provided to them by ALTER for 30 days at the expense of CABRINI. If they wish to continue with the hire of the equipment after the 30 day period, they will be responsible for all expenses, including collection of the equipment.


Ward Hire:

ALTER must be notified IN WRITING (i.e. via email or a new order request) that the equipment is no longer required, the patient has been moved and a new cost-centre is taking over funding, or that the patient has been discharged and the subsequent starting date of 30 day provided hire (at which point, please refer to above; ’30 day discharge’).


Client Pay (e.g. Private Hire):

It MUST be explained to the patient that they are responsible for ALL expenses relating to the Hire and/or Sale of equipment provided by ALTER, including any fees relating to delivery and/or collection.